Our Practitioners

Janet Gravener
Principal of Synergy Osteopathic

Janet Gravener  Principal of Synergy OsteopathicJanet is a registered osteopath and licensed medical acupuncturist.

As a young Scottish Badminton Union coach she taught school clubs and young adults with Downs Syndrome for many years. Following several ski-ing injuries, Janet became interested in how the injured body compensates following trauma. At Oxford Brookes University she studied “muscles, bones, joints, nerves, biomechanics, gait, posture, clinical medicine, techniques and pathology” graduating with a 2:1 Honours degree in Osteopathy.

As a specialist musculoskeletal practitioner, Janet frequently works with patients suffering everyday aches and pains and specific injuries which often give rise to aching joints, sore muscles and tingling nerves. However she also works with patients managing multiple sclerosis, ME, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, those awaiting hip and knee replacements and many other long term conditions.

Janet has conducted extensive research into the effectiveness of MRI scanners to identify the causes of low back pain and sciatica and can arrange privately funded scans/X-rays where appropriate.

She has now completed her post-graduate studies in the Clinical Management of Headaches with the University of Edinburgh. Her Headache and Migraine Research trial is now closed to new applicants and Janet wishes to heartily thank all 50 volunteers who so generously gave their time. She hopes that you will be pleased to hear that through your endeavours, she has received an Outstanding Achievement Award for her contribution to the UK Migraine Community from Migraine Action. She is currently setting up the Migraine Action Support Group for the South-West of England and the Cheltenham Headache Clinic.

Abigail Smithson M(Ost)

Abigail SmithsonAbi is fully insured and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), having achieved a Masters Degree in Osteopathy from Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan), graduating with a Distinction award. After completing her degree, Abi moved back to Gloucestershire where she had first discovered osteopathy 7 years previously, as an avid performing artist suffering from a lower back injury. This injury resulted in Abi experiencing at first hand, the impressive treatment effects that osteopathic techniques can have on reducing pain and improving the functioning of the body, both in terms of assisting in recovery from sporting injuries and in maintaining the optimum health of tissues.

Since beginning her studies in 2011, Abi has worked with many individuals of differing ages and physical abilities, using effective communication skills and professional knowledge to successfully treat a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints. She is very passionate about improving the lives of others through the provision of high-quality and empathetic osteopathic care and also has a keen interest, through her 12 year history in the performing arts, in treating performing artists and other sporting individuals. Although having ended her pirouetting days, Abi's Master's project reflected her continued interest in the performing arts, focusing on the effects of generalised joint hypermobility on injury incidence rates in 18-25 year old female ballet dancers, whilst reviewing similar study applications on other sporting cohorts such as rugby, football and netball players.

Abi is always endeavouring to widen her professional knowledge and skill set through the completion of professional courses as part of a process of continuous professional development and has recently completed courses in post-partum treatment, electrotherapy and is now certified in Rock Tape application. She looks forward to increasing her skill set further during her career as an Osteopath. 

Hannah Gamble - Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist

Hannah GambleHannah graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a 1st Class Bachelor Of Science Honours Degree In Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation And Massage. She is fully insured and a registered member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA).

Hannah has worked with elite and non elite athletes, as well as a wide range of clients in clinic to effectively treat a wide range of muscular and soft tissue issues. She is confident at delivering soft tissue mobilisation techniques, neuromuscular techniques as well as classic massage techniques, as well as implementing rehabilitation programmes for a variety of injuries. She is also qualified in strapping and taping and ultrasound and electrotherapy. She looks forward to completing further courses to increase her knowledge and skill set during her career.

Hannah has a passion for sports having competed in a variety of competitive sports from an early age. She developed a real enthusiasm for swimming having competed at a high level throughout her school and university years. This interest in swimming has been reflected in her undergraduate dissertation, having researched the relationship between sports massage and delayed onset muscle soreness in swimmers.

So, whether you are recovering from a sports related injury, aiming to prevent the re-occurrence of injury, looking to achieve your best, or just looking to enjoy pain free activity, Hannah will be able to tailor treatment to your needs and will work closely with her osteopathic and nutritional colleagues where necessary.