Migraine and Headache Trials

The Headache and Migraine Research trial is now closed to new applicants and Janet heartily thanks all fifty volunteers who so generously gave their time. She hopes that you will be pleased to hear that through your endeavours, she has received an Outstanding Achievement Award for her contribution to the UK Migraine Community from Migraine Action. She is currently setting up the Migraine Action Support Group for the South-West of England and expanding Synergy Osteopathic to include the Cheltenham Headache Clinic, so that others may share your top tips, attend events and get their heads examined!

Diary Date and Event Invitation

Our fourth Headache & Migraine Community event is being held on the 7th October 2017 in the stunning Pittville Pump Room, Pittville Park, Cheltenham. All are invited to join us for “Heading of Headaches”, a seminar with workshops and talks dealing with triggers such as Stress, Stiff Neck and Shoulders, Light Sensitivity, Low Blood Sugar, and Food Intolerances with Private Chef, Jay Halford exploring Plant Based recipes and smoothies. See our sister company’s website for further details www.cheltenhamheadacheclinic.co.uk