What can Osteopathy treat?
It can alleviate and relieve many acute and chronic conditions, such as arthritic pain, asthma, back pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, neck pain, pelvic pain, peripheral joint problems, postural problems, RSI, sciatica, sinusitis, sports injuries, tennis/golfers elbow, trapped nerves, whiplash related injury, work strain amongst others.

Who is suitable for osteopathic treatment?

Osteopathy is generally suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and mobility. The wide variety of techniques can be tailored according to the individual’s age, health and presenting condition.

What techniques are used?
Osteopathy is a manual therapy using soft tissue massage, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. Manipulation (thrust) techniques may also be used to improve the range of movement of a joint.

Is Osteopathy a regulated profession?
Osteopathy is recognised by the British Medical Association as a discrete clinical discipline, and was the first major complementary healthcare profession to gain statutory recognition. All osteopaths are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council after meeting the highest standards of safety and competency, following 4 years undergraduate training at university.

Is a Doctors referral necessary?
Patient funded –No, Health insurer funded – please check with your provider

What should I expect during a consultation?
At the initial consultation (allow up to 75 mins) a thorough history of your problem and general health will be taken. You will then be examined thoroughly, using observation, palpation and movements by the osteopath and yourself as well as clinical tests as required. A diagnosis will be made and discussed with you together with a suggested plan of treatment. If osteopathic treatment is considered the most appropriate, treatment will then be given. Subsequent visits will last around 45 mins and will involve some degree of re-examination with the diagnosis and treatment plan critically re-evaluated.

Throughout the appointment your consent to all examination and treatment will be obtained and full explanations given. All information given and findings obtained will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What should I wear?
You may be asked to remove some of your clothing so we can examine and treat you thoroughly. This may involve undressing to your underwear. Should you be more comfortable wearing shorts then please feel free to do so. The clinic can also provide a gown if requested.

Are there any side effects of treatment?
Occasionally some patients may experience some mild aching or tenderness during or after treatment however this is normal and is temporary. If this is likely this will be discussed prior to treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
This will depend upon the nature of your complaint. The osteopath will give you an indication of how many treatments are anticipated, typically between 2 to 6 treatments.