The following case studies are real patients treated at Synergy

Getting a runner to the start line
36 year old Ms X had been suffering right-sided thigh and buttock pain, significant enough to cause a mild limp towards the end of her long runs. With her mileage needing to be more than doubled over the next 3 months as she prepared for her first marathon Ms X sought osteopathic treatment for the first time. Treatment was directly at both the tissues local to the pain as well as a biomechanical assessment to identify the predisposing and maintaining factors causing the pain. Within two treatments Ms X was able to run further before the pain occurred with the pain eradicated completely within a few more treatments. The treatment together with a carefully tailored program of exercises and training advice ensured that the symptoms did not reoccur. Ms X successfully completed the London Marathon, raising a significant sum for a local charity. This case illustrates how osteopathy can provide a solution to sports injuries by not only treating the injury but addressing the causal factors to prevent a reoccurrence.

Relieving Daily Migraines
17 years old Miss W had been diagnosed as suffering daily migraines for 2 years causing her schoolwork to be affected. Scans had revealed no neurological impairment but the Consultant had prescribed anti-epileptic medication which left her feeling "washed out." Examination revealed tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulder and jaw. Three gentle massage sessions to relieve the tension in the muscles, combined with Miss W's commitment to self-massaging the muscles at home when tight, meant that she was soon headache free. A progress letter sent to her GP, then enabled her to slowly come off her medication with his consent. Miss W successfully passed her AS exams.

Helping a busy pensioner to help others
74 year old Mrs Y had been suffering from chronic neck pain and shoulder soreness for some time made worse by her busy life as a voluntary worker. As an ex-nurse Mrs Y had previously only experienced mainstream medicine and was keen to see what a complementary therapy such as osteopathy could offer. Mrs Y instantly saw her symptoms improve after the massage and gentle movement techniques used. She found that osteopathy not only gave her relief from the physical symptoms but also provided much needed relaxation and ‘me’ time which was noticed by her friends and family who commented how well she looked after treatment. Mrs Y now has regular osteopathic treatment to help her cope with her hectic life helping others. This case illustrates how osteopathy can help patients of any age and improve chronic conditions that might ordinarily be accepted as an inevitable part of growing old.

Finding the best solution for a growing boy
8 year old Master Z had been suffering leg pains for several months severe enough to disturb his sleep. His mother sought osteopathic treatment for him having been successfully treated herself osteopathically for back pain. After a comprehensive examination it was decided that the young boy’s problem lay in his abnormal foot mechanics and it was decided that a referral to a podiatrist was appropriate. After a single osteopathic treatment and orthotics supplied by the podiatrist Master Z was pain-free and enjoyed his first full night’s sleep for some time much to his parents relief! This case illustrates how the patient-centred approach of osteopathy recognises that involving the skills of other therapists can, in some cases, provide the most effective treatment plan for the patient.